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released September 16, 2014



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Salt Altar Santa Monica, California

Here it is. A collection of songs Ive been working up from my home studio for the past year. After playing a few early versions for some friends, they liked what they heard and said I should release it. I continued to hone and rework 'em and here is what Im calling "each/other." The first six songs are electro/pop and the second six are industrial/rock. I hope you enjoy what you hear! Cheers! ... more

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Track Name: Giving Meaning
I'm giving meaning today must be breathing a reason why its all okay devils deep inside addicted unable to choose or apply but I don't see it I live outside it I don't get upset and theres no regrets Im not trying to medicate or hide just lost in the reasons I've created besides I can see it I can breathe in it I can predict and manifest what will happen next just you wait I will beat it I will succeed at whatever it may be that I put my everything to this meaning I made up it aint the truth I MADE IT ALL UP
Track Name: Runaway
Its a cold dark night Im all alone wasting away into perfection born from beyond risen from below getting to know the me from many years ago so I runaway into the darkness of the night no one left but me and myself here comes the rain it wont drown my pain but maybe for once I can get away tell me where are their eyes they are now watching when will I go into your arms so i runaway into the darkness of the night no one left but me and myself tricked into thinking for myself its a fury I will not survive the eyes of the beast have seen too much it kills my head while it makes you tough so I runaway into the darkness of the night no one left but me and myself
Track Name: Let Go
I cant believe it this rain still hasn't stopped I've got a need that seems to have popped and you've got ideas of how things outta be but that seems to conflict with the power yeah we both need so how about you and me let go of whats right pick you up from the floor again fuck it is this what its come to what was your name anyway there is much to fess up to these games we've played so I just open the door and return to bed alone how about you and me let go of whats right
Track Name: C'mon MF
You know its all the same no matter how we try I say its all the same c'mon lets give up this fight tonights the night were gonna make a change were gonna make it stick were gonna make it stay for us But this is the time that we planned on Said this is what we had in mind done let me down Lets just rebuild it aint that hard to start Just get your head out of it shut up and follow your heart 'cause here we go again its you and me yeah here we go again under this siege we cannot bleed the same but I wont bleed for you if the threat is death I can not be with you if the threat is death This is the time that we planned on said this is what we had in mind c'mon mother fucker don't let me down You cant leave it up to me tonight theres two in this fight c'mon I know we can make it right don't leave it to me naw just tonight if so then TKO to this fight alright?
Track Name: Followed
Delusions of rank gave it all without as much as a thanks doesn't matter when your blinded by fame and riches from the other side clamor over each other for a sliver of your spotlight might melt from a direct look in the eye am I not your kind am I not like your fan base your family we are already one (call it out call what you are) too old any regrets too young to get it yet using up as much as allowed before it all runs out hey lets talk shit about each other Ill indulge for a moment I think he's fucking blowing it why cant it be that our dreams break reality if we didn't want it so bad its all who you know its all what you have we all taste the lie but I wont swallow anything we build just winds up hollowed come clean with me to take on tomorrow you don't mean a thing until you're followed take a good long look at the city of lights is this really really really what you decide if so then I wont fight but if this is how you're going to live your life then give me all that you've got tonight
Track Name: Desire
Did you ever want something so bad it was all you could think about cloudy mind gone and fixated on the only thought this singular desire owns me I saw the future so now I fixate this present tense too tense for presents let your answer release me to know your thoughts right now it would appease me call me back or pick up the phone give me an answer so I can go on is my technique unique enough to choose the right line you burn every time thats why I think youre so divine tell me that I did good enough tell me wheres the stuff I need to please I can do anything that you want I can do anything they can do PICK ME
Track Name: Divide
Who are my friends at the end of the day who are my friends at the end I think I know why we've grown distant I think I know why but I cant fix it I think Ive got a clue what turns you off I think I do let me let me prove it to you I don't want to spend much time getting to know those eyes I don't want to have to rewind I keep living and living the lie we were once friends now watch us divide better off alone had to let you go easier this way who are my friends at the end of the day examining all of my prerequisites before determining if you're a decent fit are you still my friend even tho I treat you like shit I deserve every name called yeah thats fine because the reality is were about to DIVIDE who are my friends at the end of the day are you
Track Name: Finding
How can I be there for you when I cant even find myself Don't know who Im supposed to be anymore thought I knew myself apparently he's already out the door En route to the next mistake on the way to waste another day not living for myself how could I when I don't even know who the fuck I am Scoured the past looking for a map to guide me there descending into black how was I to know you even really cared I took it all on then I took it all out which reason is the best to forget about the one that holds back my screams in the night the one that said that we won this fight Got a lot of nerve got what I deserve bleeding through this shirt looking for a way peeling back decay fuck another day when did I lose all sense of Self?
Scars this deep don't heal right
Track Name: Fight In Sight
Another day another dollar another reason for us to shoulder all of our civil dreams choking on our laughter shrugging off every future giving into created desire pouring napalm onto the fire for you So whats your problem? Whats your mistake? What would you take back that you could never change? All of your excuses are so fucking lame so c'mon and Fight or lay down and die no god for tomorrow so free your mind tonight Were holding all the cards and we don't know where to start All of this empty space how do we decorate I just want to remember the look on your face So whats my problem? Whats my mistake? What would I take back that I would never change? My how things get tough am I enough of a slut for your touch to bring it up again and again am I your friend or am I the means to your perfect end? I know you've got the light but do you have the fight inside I know you've got the light but do you have the fight in sight?
I think you really know its up to you to walk away or get black and blue chose
Track Name: We Are
Sometimes it all gets so crazy tough to tell just which way to go then you appear decending and I ask you dear are we pretneding that we are each other how many different ways could I possibly say that you are the one who saved me why do I forget why do I make believe there is a test or somehow youre going to leave just like the rest time to give into just what is next could it be you and me I guess we will see
Track Name: Skin Cell
its amazing how memeoires will lie how do you figure past plays into your life so blind so tell me whos got the key tonight I cannot tell is it my cell keeping my ass locked down tight invisible prison containing me bars and guards I cannot see calling myself weak because I know you can tell nothing makes much sense in my skin cell being that bitch in the corner again face in hands hopes a silly way to pretend that in this cell is an end beating that bitch in the corner again what will come is the key not whats behind me maybe its just as well we cant see our skin cell (you pushing I keep pushing its all fucked) its amazing how memories will lie how do you figure past plays into your life so blind Im gonna break out